Staff & Supports

ACCESS students are continuously surrounded by a Structure of Support that provides assistance on every level. This structure consists of professional staff members, graduate assistants, college coaches, and peer mentors that serve the needs of ACCESS students.

Graduate Assistants

Graduate students from MSU’s School Psychology doctoral program are graduate assistants for ACCESS. Graduate assistants are in charge of running social skills classes, coordinating the Peer Mentor Program, assisting with audit course support, providing independent living support, administering skills assessments, assisting in the DSS courses offered by ACCESS, and applying and implementing academic and/or behavioral interventions which are created on an individual basis. Graduate assistants collaborate with all staff to ensure all interventions are appropriately implemented.  The graduate assistants supervise a small caseload of students and their College Coaches to provide supports to help meet the individual needs of each student.

College Coaches

College Coaches are undergraduate students who work on average 15-20 hours per week. Work hours are divided amongst the classroom, outside activities, and meeting the individual needs of their student.  Outside activities include organizing activities (social, wellness, etc.) and helping coach the student to develop the skills needed to lead an independent life.  College Coaches are assigned to work with an individual student and are viewed as that student’s “GO TO” person. They also provide support to other students as needed throughout the week.

Peer Mentors

Peer mentors are undergraduate student volunteers who volunteer a minimum of 1-hour per week.  Peer mentors are welcome to volunteer more than 1-hour a week if they want to. Peer mentors are assigned to work with individual students and are given an assigned role.  Roles of peer mentors include academic tutor, meal mentor, wellness mentor, social mentor, art mentor, and life skills mentor. Peer mentors typically check off more than one role and are assigned roles based on the needs of the students.  The peer mentor coordinator assigns mentors to students based on shared hobbies between the mentor and student to establish the best relationship.

Interested in applying to work as a College Coach or Peer Mentor? Please see Employment and Volunteer Opportunities