Employment & Volunteer Opportunites

College Coaches

College Coaches are undergraduate students who work on average 15-20 hours per week. Work hours are divided amongst the classroom, outside activities, and meeting the individual needs of their student.  Outside activities include organizing activities (social, wellness, etc.) and helping coach the student to develop the skills needed to lead an independent life.  College Coaches are assigned to work with an individual student and are viewed as that student’s “GO TO” person. They also provide support to other students as needed throughout the week.

Thank you for your interest in ACCESS. We are not taking applications for College Coaches currently. Please continue to check our site.

Peer Mentors

ACCESS will be accepting applications for Peer Mentors from April 26 - July 30, 2021. 

Peer Mentors are undergraduate student volunteers who spend a minimum of 1-hour per week with their assigned student.  Peer Mentors are assigned to work with an individual student and are given an assigned role. The roles of a Peer Mentor  include the following: academics mentor, meal/cooking mentor, life skills mentor, wellness/exercising mentor, and social mentor. While assigned a specific role, Mentors often check off more than one role depending on the needs of the student they are assigned to. Peer Mentors are assigned to students based on matched availability in schedules and shared hobbies to establish the best relationship. 

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