The ACCESS team tailors each student’s academic plan to his/her interests and strengths. There are numerous life-skills courses taught by ACCESS instructors and graduate assistants. These courses focus on social skills, independent living skills, and employment skills and are taught in the classroom in conjunction with real-world settings. Students will also choose at least one class per semester to audit. The audit courses are based on the students’ interests and Area of Focus. Students who successfully complete all four years of ACCESS receive an MSU Certificate of Completion and will participate in MSU’s graduation ceremonies.

Students take a combination of ACCESS classes and MSU courses each semester

  • ACCESS curriculum is designed for increased/mastery of skills in each program component
  • Individualized Learning Agreements are developed for each university course
  • University courses align with interests and career goals; supports are provided
  • Individualized Plan of Support (IPS) is developed for each student and is used to guide student’s goals and progress while in ACCESS
  • 96 credit hours required for graduation