ACCESS Online Education

ACCESS introduces Online Education Courses starting Spring 2021!

Spring 2021 Courses

  • DSS 0113: Practical Money Skills
  • DSS 0713: Career Exploration

Overview of ACCESS Online Education

  • Classes will begin Monday, January 11, 2021.
  • Deadline for online course registration is Friday, January 8, 2021.
  • Course enrollment will only be available after the ACCESS Online Education Registration Form and the $40 registration fee have been received (see Steps to Enrollment)
  • Course(s) will fill by order of online enrollment. Payment of the $40 registration fee does not guarantee enrollment in the class.
  • Students and families are responsible for registering for courses.
  • Courses will be taught by ACCESS staff who are certified instructors in online education

Steps to Enroll in ACCESS Online Education Course

  1. Complete and submit ACCESS Online Education Registration Form along with $40 fee.  
    • Fee can be mailed to ACCESS, PO Box 806, Mississippi State, 39762 or paid via phone to Leigh Anne Azlin at 662.325.2663 (Be sure to state purpose of payment is for ACCESS Online Ed course)
  2. Receive MSU ID number and net ID after form is processed
  3. Students will need the following information to complete the online registration process:
    • NetID
    • NetPassword
      • DSS 0113-501 Practical Money Skills
      • DSS 0713-501 Career Exploration

How to Register for Course(s) after Completing the Enrollment Process

  1. Go to and click on the “myState” tab
  2. Login to myState using your NetID and NetPassword.
    • Current students will use the same NetID and NetPassword used to access previous courses.
    • New users will need to vist NetPassword Maintenance to "Set your initial NetPassword", "Lookup NetID", or "Enroll in or Manage Two-Factor Authentication".
  3. Open the navigation menu by clicking the "hamburger" icon at the top left of the page.
  4. Select "Banner" from the list of menu options.
  5. Click on the "myBanner For Students" tab.
  6. Under the column labeled "Registration", click "Register for Classes".
  7. Select the term in which you wish to register from the dropdown menu, click "Submit Term".
  8. Click "Add/Drop Classes Using One Class at A Time Option".
  9. Click "Class Search"
  10. Select "Online Education" as your campus. Once you have completed the appropriate filters (select “DSS – Disability Support Services” as the Subject), you may view your course options by clicking "Search".
  11. Click on the appropriate section (e.g. 501) of the course for which you wish to register and click "Add Class." The selected course will then be added to your class schedule. You may add additional courses by repeating this process. Click here for MSU Online Education FAQs for more information about enrollment
  12. Visit the MSU Online Education FAQs page for more information about enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions


What types of technology and devices will I need to be successful in an online course?

Courses will require access to a computer, headphones (if necessary), and reliable internet. Visit the MSU Online Education requirements page

What math and reading skills are required for distance education courses?

The following are necessary for success in an ACCESS Online Education course:

•    Ability to read and perform basic math at a 3rd grade level and/or have a family member to be able to assist if needed
•    Ability to navigate Canvas and the internet independently and/or have a family member available to assist if needed
•    Ability and willingness to commit 3-6 hours each week on self-paced course materials and coursework

Will ACCESS staff be available to assist my student with the coursework?

ACCESS staff will hold weekly office hours and will be available by appointment. Students are encouraged to utilize family members for additional support.

Will these courses count as credit hours towards a degree?

No. These courses are designed for personal enrichment and growth. They are pass/fail courses and are non-credit bearing. The courses are non-transferable towards our on-campus program if a student applies and is accepted.

How are the distance ed courses like the on-campus courses?

Our distance ed courses have the same learning objectives and course content as our on-campus courses. Some projects or assignments may be modified to meet the learning environment and layout for each course. The distance ed courses are asynchronous allowing students to work through the coursework at their own pace each week.

Who do I contact for assistance?

Reference the following departments for assistance:

  • For online registration questions, contact the MSU Center for Distance Education at 662.325.3473.
  • Enrollment, enrollment fee ($40), and/or waivers, contact Leigh Anne Azlin at 662.325.2663
  • ACCESS Online Education course information, contact ACCESS at or 662.325.8375